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Dry Van | Secure & Versatile Transport

Secure, versatile, and dependable transportation for your cargo.

Waggon — your go-to source for Dry Van Freight Services.

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Your Go-to Source for Dry Van Freight Services

Known for our logistics expertise, we’re dedicated to accuracy, professionalism, and on-time deliveries for every shipment.

Offering dependable and flexible transportation options for various types of freight, we ensure your goods are shielded from the elements throughout their journey.

Count on our widespread network and seasoned team to manage your cargo with the highest level of care and efficiency.

Our Dry Van Services

Experience the pinnacle of Waggon’s logistical expertise with our Dry Van Services.

Our exclusive enclosed trailers are perfectly suited for a wide variety of cargo, from high-tech electronics to essential consumer goods.

Here’s how we ensure your cargo is always in good hands:

Exclusivity & Protection
Efficiency Without Compromise
Security You Can Trust
Simplicity in Transit
Scalable Solutions
Nationwide Reach

Why Choose Waggon’s Dry Van Services

Choosing Waggon’s Dry Van Services means partnering with a team that understands the heartbeat of North America’s supply chain.

With over 95% of the market comprised of independent operators who own fewer than ten trucks, the industry thrives on the precision and efficiency that only a broker can provide.


Transparency and Trust in Every Shipment

By not being bound by non-competes or non-solicitation agreements, we foster a culture of trust and openness, bringing over 50 years of combined industry relationships and experience directly to your service.

We believe the essence of freight brokerage is not just in transactions, but in the relationships and trust built along the way​.

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Balancing Tech and Touch in Logistics

​Our commitment to tech innovation positions us at the forefront of the digital transformation in logistics.

We employ Digital Freight Matching (DFM) technologies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to pair shippers with carriers, reducing manual overhead and enhancing efficiency.

Where others may lean heavily on technology at the expense of personal touch, we strike a balance.

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Optimizing Through Innovation

Choosing Waggon means choosing a partner dedicated to optimizing your freight experience through innovation, transparency, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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High Quality Customer Experience

Maintain low turnover rates and provide a consistent, high-quality customer experience that stands out in a fast-paced industry.

We start with people and processes and then integrate middle-mile supply chains across America effectively.

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Navigate complex urban logistics with agile, compliance-focused solutions that cut through the congestion and regulatory landscape, setting the pace for efficiency and punctuality.


Capitalize on the agricultural richness and manufacturing prowess with resilient services designed for the rapid, safe transport of goods, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.


Our expertise in connecting the agricultural and industrial heartlands with critical markets showcases our unrivaled precision and reliability, enhancing the supply chain fluidity across this pivotal region.


Master the intricacies of cross-border trade with streamlined, security-first logistics solutions, ensuring smooth, efficient transitions that bolster your competitive edge in international markets.


Drive the e-commerce and tech innovation wave with strategies that not only keep up but also set the trend, ensuring your goods are propelled by the latest in logistics thinking.

Dry Van Services Across the Nation

Navigate the marketplace with Waggon’s regionally tailored Dry Van services.

Our coverage is as broad as the landscapes we cross, ensuring your cargo’s optimal routing, whether through the dense cityscapes of the East or the wide-open spaces of the West.

Connect with confidence – Waggon delivers your freight with precision, wherever your business takes you.

Dry Van Services by Industry

Waggon’s Dry Van services offer tailored logistics solutions that cater to a diverse spectrum of industries.

From the meticulous demands of retail logistics to the precise timing required for perishables, our expertise in Dry Van transport provides the backbone for industry-specific supply chain success.

Partner with us for Dry Van solutions that are as unique as the goods you transport.


Delivering exact logistics solutions for vital aerospace components.

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Managing the specific regulatory and handling challenges of cannabis distribution.

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Consumer Package Goods

Delivering consistent logistics support across the spectrum of consumer products.

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Food & Beverage

Guaranteeing the integrity and on-time delivery of food and beverage consignments.

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Hazardous Materials

Expertise in the transport of hazardous goods, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

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Maintaining freshness with precise, time-sensitive solutions.

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Crafting adaptable logistics plans for the fluctuating demands of the retail sphere.

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Experience the impact of partnering with a logistics ally that prioritizes your cargo’s security and your deadlines’ criticality.

Reach out to Waggon now to explore our Dry Van services and discover how we can amplify your freight handling capabilities.

Let’s propel your business into its next chapter of growth, united in success!