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At Waggon, we do more than move cargo – we elevate your logistics with cutting-edge freight services.

Our team of experts is at the ready, armed with deep market insights and an understanding of your unique shipping needs.

Unleash the power of Waggon’s freight solutions: a world where transport transforms into an art of speed and precision.

Our Freight Services

Waggon specializes in a diverse array of freight solutions designed to meet every aspect of your logistical needs.

Our offerings include:

Dry Van

Reliable and versatile transportation for a wide range of freight types, ensuring your goods are protected against the elements during transit.

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Open Deck

Custom solutions for oversized, over-dimensional, or special requirement cargo, handled with precision and care.

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Drayage Services

Efficient short-distance haulage from ports and harbors to their next destination, streamlining the transition from sea to land transport.

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Drop Deck

Flexible trailer placement services, allowing for effective scheduling and loading/unloading operations without time constraints.

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Expedited Freight

For time-sensitive shipments, our expedited freight services ensure your cargo reaches its destination with the utmost urgency.

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Secure, dedicated transportation for your goods, offering direct delivery with no transfers or delays.

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Specialized services for temperature-sensitive cargo; protect your sensitive freight against temperature fluctuations and humidity with our climate-controlled options.

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Reliable and Efficient Freight Solutions

Each service we offer is a pledge to Waggon’s standards of unwavering reliability, unmatched efficiency, and unparalleled customer service.

For every market mover, from e-commerce titans to cornerstone local producers, our freight solutions are tailored to drive your business ahead.

Waggon consistently ensures the timely and flawless delivery of your freight, overcoming any logistical hurdles with unwavering reliability.

Why Choose Waggon

Selecting Waggon as your freight services provider means choosing a path of innovation and excellence.

Our hybrid staffing model combines onshore expertise with offshore efficiency, ensuring high-quality service at a competitive price.

With an asset-light approach, we offer unparalleled flexibility, adapting to market changes and scaling operations to suit your needs.

Our commitment to transparency and communication ensures you’re always in the driver’s seat of your shipping operations.

Unparalleled Service Across All Transport Modes

With expertise in everything from Dry Van and Refrigerated to Specialized/Open Deck and Expedited shipping, Waggon delivers services with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Customized Industry-Specific Solutions

Our services are designed to meet the varied challenges of different sectors, enhancing the integrity of your goods and navigating regulatory landscapes with ease.

Adaptable Programs for Optimal Performance

Waggon’s flexible logistics solutions are crafted to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the global market, enhancing throughput, minimizing downtime, and ensuring prompt delivery without compromising reliability or safety.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Maximum Control
Recognizing the importance of maintaining the quality and security of shipments, our advanced logistics solutions ensure your goods are managed with the utmost care.
Unmatched Support and Insight

Our team of logistics professionals is always ready to guide you through any challenges, with tailored support and strategic planning to ensure your operations exceed expectations.

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Our agile solutions tackle the complex urban terrain and strict regulations of the Northeast, enhancing the efficiency and timeliness crucial to logistics operations.


Taking advantage of the agricultural and manufacturing strengths of the Southeast, we offer services that ensure the rapid, safe transport of goods, maintaining their condition from origin to delivery.


In the Midwest, our deep logistics knowledge connects the agricultural heartlands with markets nationwide, enhancing the fluidity and reliability of the supply chain for a wide array of products.


Focusing on the challenges of cross-border trade, our streamlined, secure logistics solutions in the Southwest guarantee smooth operations and maintain your competitive edge in both domestic and international markets.


Responding to the e-commerce surge and the demand for innovative products in the Northwest, our strategies not only meet but set the pace for logistics innovation, ensuring swift and efficient delivery.

Freight Services by Region

Waggon’s approach to logistics is carefully crafted, uniquely addressing the distinct challenges and opportunities inherent in each region to ensure your operations are primed for success.

Freight Services by Industry

Seamlessly orchestrate your shipping operations from start to finish with Waggon’s comprehensive freight services.

Our robust supply chain solutions are custom-tailored to meet the unique requirements of your industry.

Forge a smarter, more resilient supply chain with the support of Waggon’s deep expertise and reliable solutions you can depend on.

From delivering rapid solutions in the ever-evolving retail landscape to ensuring secure and prompt transport for the healthcare sector, our strategies are meticulously prepared.

Food & Beverage

Guaranteeing the integrity and on-time delivery of food and beverage consignments.

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Crafting adaptable logistics plans for the fluctuating demands of the retail sphere.

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Managing the specific regulatory and handling challenges of cannabis distribution.

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Hazardous Materials

Expertise in the transport of hazardous goods, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

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Delivering exact logistics solutions for vital aerospace components.

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Maintaining freshness with precise, time-sensitive solutions.

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Consumer Package Goods

Delivering consistent logistics support across the spectrum of consumer products.

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