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Blind Shipment - The Waggon Freight Dictionary

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Robert Rajfer

Robert has worked in the supply chain / logistics industry for the past five years. Robert spent the first three years of his career at C.H. Robinson (NASDAQ: CHRW) and the following years at Flock Freight (backed by SoftBank, Google Ventures, and Signal Fire).

Key takeaways:

  • Blind shipping keeps supplier information secret and protects customer relationships.
  • Blind shipments can increase business profits because customers can't see where products come from.
  • Businesses that use blind shipping gain a competitive edge by keeping their supply sources hidden from others.
  • Waggon's Logistics handles the entire process of blind shipping, making it seamless for businesses.
  • Proper paperwork is vital to successful blind shipping — Waggon ensures all documents are in order without revealing sensitive details.

Mastering Blind Shipments: Strategies And Benefits For Waggon's Logistics

Blind Shipment - The Waggon Freight Dictionary1

In logistics, blind shipping is a method used in Waggon Logistics services to keep supply chain details private.

This approach helps companies protect their customer relationships and increase profits by shipping goods anonymously.

Blind shipments make the sender’s identity invisible in the supply chain.

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Table of Contents

Defining Blind Shipping - The Freight Dictionary

Blind Shipment Definition

Blind shipping conceals a shipment’s origin from its recipient, obscuring the supplier’s identity.

This strategic move keeps supply chain roles discrete while ensuring business relationships are undisturbed.

It’s an innovative layer of confidentiality in logistics, where shipments go incognito to safeguard all parties’ interests.

Purpose of Blind Shipping

The primary purpose is supply chain confidentiality.

With blind shipments, products move directly from manufacturers to end customers without revealing sensitive information.

Online stores and ecommerce businesses use this method to better control branding and customer relationships.

The suppliers also benefit because it protects their details and prevents direct contact with buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Do Brokers Do Blind Shipments?

    Brokers make blind shipments to keep the supply chain smooth and secure.

    This method protects customer relationships by preventing them from ordering directly from suppliers.

    It’s a smart move for brokers who want to ensure repeat business and avoid losing customers.

    Blind shipping also helps businesses cut down on time and costs.

    Brokers can ship products faster without revealing their source.

    This keeps the supply chain confidential, which is crucial in fiercely competitive industries.

    By using blind shipments, companies safeguard supplier lists and control product distribution.

  • What Is The Blind Shipping Process?

    In the blind shipment process, goods move from the supplier to the customer without revealing the source.

    The label shows your business as the sender, not the factory or warehouse where it came from.

    First, the order is received and quietly passed to your supplier.

    Next, the supplier’s information is swapped on packages and documents with yours.

    It is seamless so when your customer opens up their delivery, only your name shines back at them.

  • What Is A Blind Shipment In Freight?

    A blind shipment in freight keeps the supplier hidden.

    The shipper’s or consignee’s information is not shown to each other.

    This secrecy stops customers from learning who made or first sold a product.

    Blind shipments are essential for sellers wanting privacy in their business deals.

    They allow companies to mark up prices while protecting where items come from.

    Customers get their products without knowing the source, ensuring suppliers remain anonymous.

Blind Shipping - Effortless Supply Chain Management

Unlocking the full potential of your logistics strategy, blind shipping emerges as a powerful tool that can propel businesses toward remarkable growth and efficiency.

Blind shipping is an opportunity to streamline operations while safeguarding crucial relationships within the supply chain.

Advantages for Businesses

Blind shipping keeps your customers coming back.

They only see your business name on packages and stay loyal to you, not the supplier.

This strategy also boosts profits as you control markup prices without customers going straight to the source for a better deal.

Businesses gain an edge over competitors with blind shipments.

Your rivals won’t know where you get products or how much you pay.

Retaining Customers

Keeping customers is vital for any business.

Blind shipping makes you the only source clients think of when buying products.

They don’t see the marked-up price or supplier information, so they’re more likely to return.

Happy customers mean repeat sales and a more robust bottom line for your business.

Higher Profit Margins

Businesses yearn for healthy profit margins.

Blind shipping can give them that edge.

By using blind shipment strategies, companies cut logistics costs and can mark up their products more significantly without raising eyebrows.

This method allows a business to serve as a retailer and a supplier, keeping shipping fees low and product prices competitive.

Lowered costs come from streamlined supply chains and minimized handling expenses.

Profits rise when sales increase without additional charges creeping into the ledger.

Competitive Advantage

Blind shipping offers anonymity that prevents competitors from snooping and customers from going straight to the source.

With your suppliers hidden, you can keep prices stable and secure your place in the market.

Blind shipping also upholds ethical standards in product delivery, building customer trust.

They know they’re getting quality without the risk of being undercut.

By managing blind shipments effectively, you ensure exclusive deals stay protected and customer satisfaction remains high.

Supplier Protection

Blind shipping keeps your suppliers safe.

It hides their details from the package and paperwork, so only you know where the goods come from.

This is key for industries like healthcare that must keep patient and medication data secret.

When you choose blind shipments, your supplier’s privacy stays protected.

Suppliers love this method because it prevents customers from seeing their identity.

Blind shipping ensures business secrets stay within your trusted circle.

Hands-Off Supply Chain Management

Blind shipping means you have less to worry about in your supply chain.

Your supplier handles the shipping details, and your customers get their orders without seeing where they came from.

This hands-off approach saves you time and effort.

You focus on sales while your blind shipments travel unseen.

With Waggon, keeping track of inventory or dealing with fulfillment centers isn’t your concern anymore.

We ensure that each package reaches its destination, looking like it came directly from you, not a third party.

How to Prepare for Blind Shipping

Preparing for blind shipping with Waggon requires careful orchestration.

Once fully briefed and meticulously crafted, we will complete the necessary paperwork to get your goods shipped.

You can trust us to execute everything in the shipping process seamlessly.

Employ a Freight Forwarder

Choose a freight forwarder like Waggon to handle your blind shipments.

We are experts and can manage the entire process smoothly.

We have connections everywhere and know how to reduce risks.

Tell us about your shipment needs, and we will ensure that everything is set for safe delivery without any supplier details showing up.

We will take care of tricky paperwork, too.

Paperwork Requirements

Preparing paperwork is a crucial step in blind shipping.

We organize documents carefully to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Blind Shipment Authorization Form: Fill out this form to confirm that you want the shipment to be blind.
  • Bill of Lading (BOL): There are two separate BOLs. The first hides the supplier’s identity, and the second contains the carrier’s actual shipment details.
  • Commercial Invoice: This matches the BOL but should not include supplier information if it’s meant to be kept from the customer.
  • Packing List: Like the invoice, the packing list should not reveal your supplier details to ensure a successful blind shipment.
  • Shipping Labels: Customers will have your return address and nothing pointing back to your suppliers.
  • Proof of Delivery (POD): After delivery, a POD is necessary for billing purposes, confirming that the customer received their order without seeing supplier info.

Leave the Process to Waggon

Once the blind shipment is set up, trust your shipper to get your goods wherever needed.

We pack and send out the goods with care.

We know how blind shipping works and understand the importance of keeping customer details hidden.

Waggon also makes sure the package arrives on time at a minimum cost.

We handle all the logistics from start to finish.

You save time and can focus on growing your business while we do the heavy lifting for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Double Blind Shipping In Logistics?

    Double-blind shipping occurs when a supplier ships a customer’s order but is unaware of each other’s identities.

    It’s like sending a secret package where only the shipping agent knows who’s involved.

  • Why Might Businesses Choose To Ship Blind?

    Businesses may opt to ship blind because it prevents customers from knowing the supplier, saves costs, and allows a hands-off approach to drop shipping.

    Third-party sellers can keep business directly with them rather than customers going elsewhere.

  • Are There Any Benefits Of Using Double Blind Shipments For My Company?


    Several benefits include keeping your sources confidential, which helps if you don’t want customers or competitors to purchase goods directly from your suppliers.

    It also gives you more control over the branding and customer experience.

  • How Do I Set Up Double-Blind Shipping Operations For My Company?

    You’ll want to find a trustworthy shipping agent willing to handle blinded shipments.

    Then, when setting up shipment instructions with your distributor or manufacturer, work out details like ensuring addresses aren’t shared on packing slips or boxes.

  • Does Double-Blind Shipping Affect Delivery Times Compared To Regular Shipment Methods?

    Not really.

    The process for preparing and transporting goods remains similar; what changes is just who sees what information about the sender and receiver during transactions!

Written By:
Picture of Robert Rajfer
Robert Rajfer

Robert has worked in the supply chain / logistics industry for the past five years. Robert spent the first three years of his career at C.H. Robinson (NASDAQ: CHRW) and the following years at Flock Freight (backed by SoftBank, Google Ventures, and Signal Fire).

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Our team of logistics experts has the knowledge and experience needed to serve businesses of all sizes.

Waggon proactively offers custom solutions that align with shippers’ specific needs — not the other way around.

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